Friday, February 16, 2007

Stamping and Srapbooking Fun for Lower Mainland Vancouver Residents

Here's a few photos taken from the Camp Crop-A-Lot 2006. We had a lot of stuff on the boat with us. Lotsa ladies brought copious amounts of supplies and very few personal effects. The boat didn't sink either. Our stuff was piled on one side and we all sat in a semi circle on the other. I think it is a water taxi. It was open but we were covered. The views were spectacular and the driver gave us a play by play of what we were passing and a bit of historical information about the area and even some celebrity sitings that had occured. He was also such a gentleman, helping us in and out and unloading our gear which we did have to carry up the dock. We all pitched in and helped each other. Some of us had to make more than one trip and I am sure the staff wondered why we looked like we were packed for a month instead of just the weekend. I don't think they will all fit on one post so check the next one too please.

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