Thursday, March 6, 2008

Last minute Reminders...

Our retreat is only days away. I don't know about you, but I am so very excited about it this year! There will be 32 ladies attending our retreat! Some from last year and lots of new faces!!

Make sure you pack:
* slippers (we have to take our shoes off in the main hall where we eat and scrapbook)
* a towel (there are washrooms in the cabins -sink and toilet- and showers in another cabin
* snacks - for those late nights- (optional, of course)
* sleeping bag and pillow (can easily be put into a garbage bag, just like the camping kids do!!)

The boat will leave the Government Dock in Deep Cove at 6:00p.m. Please arrive about 15 minutes early (or more if possible) to unload your car and park it.

Here are directions to Deep Cove:

1. Take Highway #1 over Second Narrows Bridge into North Vancouver

2. Take the first exit after the bridge (Dollarton Highway) east towards Deep Cove. It will lead you right into Deep Cove. But if you miss this turnoff, take the second exit from the bridge (Mount Seymour Parkway) and head towards Mount Seymour. Follow the parkway all the wayto the end, then turn left on Dollarton Highway into Deep Cove.

3. When you drive into Deep Cove you will see the ocean infront of you. Turn right on the circular roundabout thingy and you will see the ocean on the left. There will then be a road on the left that will take you right down to the dock towards the water to unload. It is really narrow, so you can drive down to unload, but you have to drive backwards to get on the main road again. I will be there really early to help you get your stuff down to the dock. There is only one dock, and it is located right beside the Canoe and Kayak clubhouse. There is also a yacht club, but it is to the left and gated, I think. Sorry, ladies, no yacht for us!

4. There is parking allowed along the road. It is secure enough. We've had about 20 cars park there in the past, and have had no incidences. Just make sure you don't leave valuable things inside the car. And make sure that there is no sign that says "NO parking". Up the hill from the waterfront is great parking. I will show you, if you need to find some. Don't worry, just come early enough and you will be just fine!

5. The boat is quite big. I know you will probably have about 3-4 bags of stuff. One for clothing, a garbage bag with sleeping bag and pillow, and some scrapbooking totes. There will be lots of room for those things. DOn't go crazy packing everything, though- take into consideration that you have to shlep everything into the boat, and from the boat, up a little hill to the cabins . OUr boat ride will take about 20 minutes!

6. We will not leave without you. If you are late arriving to Deep Cove,please call my friend Betty at 778-868-0030. I don't have a cell phone, but she does. So at least we will know that you are coming. We will definately wait for you!! Although, try to get away nice and early, since it will be Friday rush hour that we have to deal with!

7. Try to get something to eat before you leave, since we will only be having a snack on Friday night. I think they changed the menu to veggies and cheese trays. etc. There is always juice available, and water, tea and coffee. I think they left out fruit to eat anytime, too.

8. Once we arrive at camp, I will let you know what cabin you are in, so you can get your stuff up to the cabins and change, or whatever you want to do. You can leave your scrapbooking stuff at the main hall. I will set up the tables for everyone. AND then we can go crazy and scrapbook! Oh yes, you do have to play a game, though, since I really like games, and everyone who plays gets a prize!!!!

9. It will be an awesome weekend. I hope you are all looking forward to meeting new friends and just getting away and doing what you love!

See you on Friday!!!!!


PS. On a down note- we have to set our clocks ahead on Sunday morning! Yuck!

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