Thursday, October 2, 2008

2 more sleeps!

The retreat is just 2 days away, and I am so excited to see you again and meet our newcomers!!! Our 'water taxi' will leave the dock at 6:00p.m. on Friday, so make sure that you take travel time into consideration, since it is a Friday! Once you get into Deep Cove, after the little round about and you turn right, the water will be to your left, and if you take the first driveway on your left, it is a one way dead end to the dock, a perfect place to unload your stuff. From there, I will meet you and can direct you to some parking spots! There are usually lots of them along the side of the street, and it is pretty safe, no incidences in the last 3 years!

Mitch, our driver, will then take us on a 1/2 hour drive up the Indian Arm to our resort. We will then unload, and carry all our stuff up to the main lodge. Now, unlike the other years, we are sharing the camp with another group, and they will have the downstairs of the lodge, and we will have our own private Fordham Hall, which is a bit of a little walk (30 meters?). I will make sure we have lots of tables, so 2 people can work at one table.
I will also give you your cabin assignments, and you can drop off your stuff there and make yourselves comfy!!! (Some like to change into their pj's right away).

There will be a snack around 8pm, most likely veggie and cheese tray or something of that sort. Make sure you eat something before you head up to Deep Cove. We are getting breakfast, lunch, dinner on Saturday, and a brunch on Sunday morning, so if you want to bring up any snacky things, that is a good idea!

I think the weather will be ideal for our planned weekend (pouring rain, perfect for staying inside!!

Don't forget to bring your slippers, since they don't allow shoes in the main hall where the cafeteria is! Also, if you have any great girlie movies, bring them along, I will bring my collection, too! And we can also bring some cd's for music.

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