Thursday, March 1, 2007

Frequently Asked Question List for Camp Crop-A-Lot

Question: What should I bring with me?

Answer: You should bring all your paper crafting supplies you

will require for the projects you intend to work on.

Also you may want to bring your toothbrush and pajamas.

Question: Is there enough room for my large wheeled tote?

Answer: There is plenty of room on the boat for all totes, suitcases etc...

Question: What if I have to cancel my registration?

Answer: Your registration could be transferred if someone wishes to attend in your place. We are unable to give refunds at this time.

Question:Can I scrap or sleep with my friends?

Answer: Yes. Please let us know when you are booking who is in your group and every effort will be made to grant your requests.

Question: Even if I haven't got my registration money in yet can I still get a spot.

Answer: Yes you can just email Dunja asap to let her know. If you are wanting to register for the classes please let her know that to as the instructors need to gather the supplies.

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