Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Message from Dunja the organizer of Camp Crop-A-Lot

The retreat is less than a month away! I am really excited about seeing everyone again, and having a fabulous time scrapbooking, stamping, talking, laughing, eating, relaxing, having someone else do the cooking ...
Here is an update on the registrations:
To date, 24 people have signed up for the retreat! I am thrilled to announce that everyone from last year, is coming again!!!!!!! and a few more. Wow!
Ultimately, I would love to have 30 people signed up for the camp. That means, 6 more have to register! Please encourage anyone else that you know, who would love to get away for the weekend to craft with us, to register! They can just e-mail me, and I can send them a registration package!
We will only have one boat picking us up in Deep Cove. It is arriving at 6:00pm. So, we all need to be at the dock about half an hour prior to that time (it takes a while to unload our stuff, and haul it to the dock, and find a parking spot in Deep Cove). If you can, carpool with someone, that makes things easier. Also, since we are coming to Deep Cove on Friday early evening, you will probably all drive through rush hour traffic to get there. Make sure you give yourselves enough time to get there. It is really easy to find. I will e-mail you directions for getting to Deep Cove and the government docks, the week of the retreat.
I hope you are all looking forward to this as much as I am- I've been having fun buying some really nice prizes to give away!!! (Did I mention that everyone will get a prize)
Check out these views of the great outdoors right by the camp and one of the camp from the water.

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